Stan Guigui

Born in 1969 in Paris, France
Lives and Works in Marseille, France


“If rock'n roll is to walk on the wild paths of life, Stan Guigui embodies rock in its purest state.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

French photographer, interested in the social themes of exclusion and marginal groups, he has been putting together, since 1996, a body of work, which he is not moralizing but rather questioning our capacity to be outraged by the injustice created in our society.
In 1996, Stan Guigui moves to Colombia. As a consequence of the civil war, thousands of homeless people haunt the streets of Bogota, more precisely in the El Cartucho district. In 2003, he manages to be accepted by the inhabitants of the El Cartucho district. And during the next 3 years, He will photograph these people in order to show the extremely harsh condition they live in: crack smoking, blade fights, etc... His work “Calle de Cartucho” was rewarded by PhotoEspana in 2006.
Now settled in Marseilles, where he works, Stanislas Guigui has also started a photographic project in the United States, as a counterpoint to his previous work of an other America he left not so long ago.

Between the contemporary art and the photojournalism, obsessive photographer of the underworld, of rage and revolt, Stanislas Guigui is permanently moved by the desire of exploring the darkest sides of our societies.
Interested in the social themas of exclusion and marginal groups, he has been building since 1996 a photographic work in which he is not moralizing but questioning our capacity to get indignant about the injustices created by our society.
In 1996, he moves off to Colombia. As a consequence of the civil war, thousands of homeless people haunt the streets of Bogota and more precisely of El Cartucho district, the biggest Cour des Miracles in South America. In 2003, Stanislas Guigui is accepted by the residents of that neighbourhood. He will take photographs of them during the next 3 years, showing their miserable living conditions, the smoking of crack and the fights between men armed with knives. His work was rewarded by PhotoEspana in 2006 and Unicef in 2008.
Nonconformist and engaged photographer, Stanislas Guigui's universe is populated with baroque and Fellinians characters : Cabaret New Burlesque’s girls, the second living tallest man of the world, some dwarves…Inspired by Victor Hugo who sublimates the poverty, the work of the photographer belongs a tribute in the Bohemia and in the Bohemians.


Festival Les Photographiques – Le Mans, France

La Galerie Particulière – Paris, France
Atras del Muro & Cuchillo Bohemio, Galerie Christopher Gerber – Lausanne, Switzerland
Pavillon M Capitale Européenne de la Culture – Marseille, France
Circulation(s) Festival – Paris, France

Galerie Anna Tschopp – Marseille, France
Galerie Lame – Marseille, France
Galerie Anna Tschopp – Marseille, France
Galerie Photo Fnac – Marseille - Perpignan - Lyon,  France

Galerie Photo Fnac –  Paris - Nice, France

International Photo Festival – Lianzhou, China

Museum Acquario di Calagonone -  Sardinia, Italy
Museum MAN Nuoro - Sardinia, Italy

PhotoEspana Festival – Madrid, Spain

Visa pour l’Image – Perpignan, France



Maison Européenne de la Photographie – Paris, France
Images Singulières Festival - Sète France

Photokina – Koln Germany  



Pulse - La Galerie Particulière - Miami, USA
Paris Photo - La Galerie Particulière – Paris, France


EL CARTUCHO by Stan Guigui
Blood and fire in Bogota. To protest against the destruction of their “Kingdom”, thousands of homeless people confront the police in the time of an urban guerilla. During the battle, the King of Thieves, at the helm of a group of 400 armed hobos, kidnaps a priest in his church.
This “Kingdom”, a real legend in Columbia, is the Cartucho. The biggest slum in the world. A filthy refuge housing 20,000 people, mostly beggars, thieves, prostitutes and drug addicts...
A brutal and blazing universal picture of a premonitory world that has succumb to poverty and violence. The Cartucho drags us along with the “urban savages”, through the dramatic destinities of Segundo, James and Pirata, Jerry and Marisol, a gang of street kids...
This movie is the outcome of Stan Guigui's photographic project, published, rewarded and exhibited throughout the world. A book of photographs will accompany the film at its release and exhibitions are currently being scheduled.


Atras del Muro, Stanislas Guigui, Editions Images Plurielles  2014 - 96 pages
Cabaret New Burlesque par Stanislas Guigui , Editions du Chêne 2011 - 160 pages
Célèbres Visages par Agence VU', Editions Images Plurielles 2012 - 132 pages